My name is Duraibharathi R. I am from Sanjeevi Nagar, I have completed my BCA in RAAK Arts and Science College. I am now volunteering and interning at Mohanam.

Mohanam is the place where everyone can develop their own talent and skill. of all the things offered at Mohanam, I am learning how to develop skills as an event manager and also help with the Maintenance in Mohanam. I feel I have been given a very big platform to develop my life skills and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Recently to showcase my talent in the field of event management, I was given the responsibility to organize and execute an entire event called December to Remember. During which I showed my event management skills and got a more practical understanding of how an event is planned and executed. Another project that I have been given responsibility for is situated at Irumbai. The project is based on creating a Yoga centre called Irumbai yoga centre for the children of Irumbai and the surrounding villages. Through these projects, I am learning how to build my own culture centre in the future. With this kind of practical training, I feel I have developed a lot of inner skills.

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I am Anbarasan. I’m from Pondicherry. I completed my B. Com (Commerce) at Tagore Arts College. And I currently pursuing MBA (Tours and Travels Management) at Pondicherry University.

During the COVID pandemic, most of the industries were closed temporarily. Especially our Tourism Industry affected badly. In this situation we the students of tourism final years, not able to do our internship program at any tourism-related company. Fortunately, I got a chance from Mohanam Cultural Heritage center from the reference of our faculty Dr. Anu Chandran.

After reached Mohanam we have got a mentor named Mr. Ricky. He guided us well and I learned some leadership qualities from him. In Mohanam they organized two to three events, I’m also part of those events. Which Has given me a lot of experiences.

And Finally, thanks to the Mohanam team for giving me this opportunity.

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I arrived on the 6th of February, 2021 as a volunteer for Mohanam. I was assigned to assist/help the media team with their graphic design work. On my first day, I went to shoot videos at Rock Beach in Puducherry. That was a good start in a completely unknown place! I had never imagined that I'll be able to do everything on my own. Getting up at 5:30 in the morning every day, to wash my own clothes, to taking care of my health and getting the required injections in time, without parental support or guidance, was quite a task.

Also connecting with people was a challenge because I am a shy person when it comes to striking a conversation. I run out of words or don't really know where to start from. But that I managed for one month all by myself, was a step towards growing up. I had never left home and lived alone before. Then of course the boys were there who helped and supported me whenever I fumbled. Such a beginning gave me a lot of hope, courage and confidence. Slowly, I am getting used to the native language here, which is Tamil. I have even learned a few words!

Coming to Mohanam and the experience I have had so far. Right after my arrival, work began. I was given two posters to design for an event - Auro Santhai. I also helped with other design-related work for the same event. From having no professional experience, I can say that I have gained some confidence in the work that I have been assigned. Every day is new learning with challenges. Nothing is pre-planned and one should go with the flow. This is a great takeaway from the one and a half months that I have been volunteering here.

I am really grateful to Balu and Rajaveni Akka for giving me this opportunity. I also went to Thiruvannamalai, which was quite an experience. Definitely, if I had stayed on in Kolkata then I wouldn't have had the opportunity to explore and learn as much as I am being able to do every day at Mohanam. I am grateful to each and every member of Mohanam for that.

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