I am Gopikrishna from Pondicherry, currently pursuing Master of Business Administration in Tourism and Travel Management offered by Pondicherry University. I joined the Vocational Training Program started by Mohanam, referred by Dr.Anu Chandran, Assistant Professor, Pondicherry University.

Mohanam is a community hub dedicated to preserving and sharing the traditional culture and knowledge of the rural villages surrounding Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India. I have been a part of couple of events that happened in Mohanam during the training period like December to Remember, Kolam, Pongal, sound healing day, Auro santhai and learned a lot about organising an event.

I am Venkatesh from Pondicherry University. I am doing M.B.A in Tourism and Travel Management. I joined Vocational Training Program in Mohanam Village Heritage Centre in December. It was a really great learning experience for me. I liked the place and the people working here. I got opportunity to work in Various Tourism Projects and learned many things related to Tourism. I learnt Event Management and worked in various events that happened during that time such as December to Remember, Pongal, Kolam Festival, Aurosanthai etc. Apart from my career, personally I learned Social Media Marketing, editing, djembe playing, yoga, farming and kalari. I got opportunity to experience the life of Auroville and met many new people. This experience in Mohanam is really difficult to get in any other place. Thanks to Mohanam Village Heritage Centre for this opportunity.

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