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Mohanam is a community hub dedicated to preserving and sharing the traditional culture and knowledge of the rural villages surrounding Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India.

Address:Alankuppam, Auroville, Isaiambalam road, Puducherry 605101

Landmark: Near Imagination

Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 5 pm

Sunday holiday

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T: 0413 262 3806 (office)

E: mohanamprogram@auroville.org.in

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3 May -

5 May 2019


Auroville Jungle camp promises an experience of a lifetime of fun, adventure, awareness through body movement and inner leadership. It will allow the child to nurture confidence, self- love and a positive life style.  We let the child reconnect to its roots both environmentally and culturally. Away from all the screens, homework, studying and teachers, it will be a time for them to watch less and do more, understand where they come from and truly experience it.

 Let your child join us for a three day time out from gadgets and get involved in learning spiritual lessons from the nature. Our camp provides a safe and secure environment where the child can expand their horizons and make connections that would be fruitful for their future. 

Our program consists of Mind, body, spirit and creative activities such as:

  • Forest Walks & Yoga, Meditation

  • Sunset & Sunrise Beach Swim

  • Eco Arts & Natural Crafts

  • Body Awareness Activities

  • Musical Activities

  • Self Expression Exercises

  • Sound Healing and Exercise

  • Sharing and Story Telling Cir

Camp Facilitators

Walter Van Asshe

Craft Teacher


Play Writer & Teacher


Farming Expert



Anand Baskeran

Arts Teacher


kolam & Dream Catcher Teacher

Balasundarm Ponnusamy 

Program Director & Sound Healing


Chakra Dance Teacher


Awareness  Through Body Teacher


Yoga & Meditation Teacher

kolam & Dream Catcher Teacher