to act as a bridge between Auroville and its surrounding villages and to keep alive the local, rural Tamil cultural heritage


to unlock the full potential of youth and women through art, craft, culture, and traditional knowledge. By connecting the local villages to the international community and reconnecting the locals to their traditional knowledge.


Mohanam began as an effort of young people from the rural villages surrounding Auroville, an international city in Tamil Nadu, India. The group renovated the oldest building in Sanjeevinagar and set up an institution to celebrate the many cultures of the people of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.
In an era when the old and traditional are vulnerable and challenged, this new institution triggered a cultural journey for the local people. Inspired by the young people and local elders of the villages, Mr. Balasundaram and his friends set out to found Mohanam Village Heritage Centre on July 14, 2001.
Mohanam is a non-profit, non-governmental organization and it was conceived as its main project with the support of like-minded executive members and volunteers, as well as financial support from visitors. Today Mohanam seeks to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu. It reflects the beauty, traditions, innovations and the continuing evolution of South Indian arts and culture.

After 2 decades,
The centre

Mohanam Village Heritage Centre is the work and realization of a group of young men from the surrounding villages of Auroville, the universal city located near Pondicherry. Young Tamil men from different villages created the heritage centre to be a bridge between the traditional and the modern, the old and the young, between what is happening in Auroville and what is unfolding in the villages around.