Hello, my name is Gowtham. I'm doing a BA in Literature, 2nd year in pondy. I have been involved with Mohanam as the youth of Mohanam's Youth Space for the last two years. Mohanam has trained me in lots of knowledge and ideas as well as immense exposure in different fields. I believe this place Is an excellent place for self-empowerment and making our own lives successful. Because of COVID-19, I don't know what I'm doing in this lockdown period. Mohanam has given time to have the joy of doing the drumming circle practice in the evening. That time I had an opportunity to do the volunteer here. As work of administration work in Mohanam and bamboo centre office myself to have a lot more time as my college shut down and let me delve deeper into my volunteering. As I joined the Mohanam group as an official volunteer I did many more new things and learned so much more. I love living and volunteering in Auroville and it has made me a better person in so many ways, I am very grateful to be where I am today. My language has become so much better since I came here as well as my work. If I'm at the home, just I'm hanging with mobile phones, TV and some other stupid things. When I came here I feel better. And also I met many peoples and many places. ethic, I am now ready to take on anything new with the peace of mind I have acquired. Now I learned many things like how to work in the office how to behave how to communicate with people. I would like to learn more from here about how people creative working aspire. Love and gratitude to all, thank you.

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