It's my pleasure to introduce myself. I am Vishva from Sanjeevi Nagar, Pondicherry. I am studying Catering and Hotel Management. My first life journey started with the Mohanam family as a student of 1st batch of kindergarten in the year 2004. I am one of the youth members in the Mohanam Youth Space for the past 3 years. There is no job related to my studies in the COVID-19 period so I'm wasting the time daily and roaming here and there. This COVID-19 period gives such opportunities to volunteer at the Mohanam and Bamboo Centre. Here I am exploring and learning about bamboo food like bamboo biscuits, bamboo Kambuja, bamboo idly and dosa mix, bamboo tea and also I am learning bamboo music, and cultural activities. I also learn many soft skills like time management, communicative skills, work ethic, etc. I have also gained good habits, experiences, and have met great people during this time. I have a strong interest in learning everything inside Auroville. I believe this may be my life's turning point, I would like to be a part of Auroville in the future and I'm ready to do everything in Auroville. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity in this COVID-19 period. I am glad I never neglected an opportunity that was given to me by Mohanam. I believe that you will keep supporting and giving hope to me for my future.

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