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Every year, Mohanam organizes a summer camp, which takes place during the months of April and May. During this time, children have their summer vacations and usually spend their time being idle, playing outside, or watching television.

With summer camp, children have the opportunity to spend their time a bit more constructively and in the company of devoted teachers from whom they can learn new things in a fun way.

Although the Mohanam Village Heritage Centre organizes various classes for the children throughout the year, it is still not able to reach all of them. As a result, this camp was created to reach those children and help to establish relationships and community among all the children of the villages.

The purpose of the camp is to educate and promote the importance of tradition, cultural values, and creativity to the children and youth of Sanjeevi Nagar and Alankuppam villages. The various cultural activities include traditional dance, music, yoga, art, clay, theatre games, and environmental awareness.

Previous years showed us that this camp is very beneficial to those children who attend it in many ways, but most of all they are able to develop their unique individuality and creative talents. Consequently, they feel empowered, motivated, and are able to use their vacation time also to learn, grow, and share.

The last few years have proved to us that we’re on the right track with the summer camp, and we would like to continue with it. Do do this, we really need some support form the friends of Auroville and abroad. We kindly request you to extend your monetary support to help us have funding to organize this year's summer camp. We are very thankful for your kind support.

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